eGG presents – Weightless Metallics Series!

eGG presents – Weightless Metallics Series!

“Weightless Metallics Collection” – Metal frames are back in style!

With its slim metal arms and korean style frames, “Weightless Metallic Collection ” not just give your look a refresh but also feel weightless on your face.
By using lightness materials, wearer could enjoy a comfy experience even with a pair of thickness lenses!

[eGG HK] New Shop Opened – eGG at TKO East Point City

New Shop Opened – eGG at TKO East Point City

Hong Kong News – Lets’ welcome the new eGG shop in Tseung Kwan O East Point City.

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Address :Shop 258A,2/F, East Point City,Tsueng Kwan O
Business Hour: 11:00-21:30

[eGG HK] New Shop Opened – eGG TART at The FOREST

The 2nd eGG TART is now opened at The FOREST in Mongkok!

Hong Kong News – The 2nd eGG TART is now opened in Mongkok, locating at the brand new shopping mall The FOREST.

Let’s explore more here:


Address:Shop 203,2/F,The FOREST,17 Nelson Street, Mongkok
Business Hour: 11:00-22:00

【Allergy-Friendly Series】

eGG presents – Allergy-Friendly Series!

What’s “allergy” to do with eyewear? It does! Especially for those who have allergic reaction to plastic or nickel, wear glasses made by these materials could cause rashes or red spots whenever the material touches their skin! To deal with allergy, eGG’s “Allergy-friendly Series” may help. The superlight weight frame with beta-titanium temples help avoiding allergic reaction to most wearer, and provides a perfect and comfortable fit for you!

【Flexi-nose Pads Series 】

eGG presents – Flexi-nose Pads Series!

Both style and functionality are crucial when you’re thinking to have a new pair of glasses. Frame of Flexi-Nose Pads Series weights only 9g, with a pair of flexible pad arms and extra-soft nose pads, it provides a greater support to your nose, and no apparent nose marks would be seen even if you wear them for long! The series has 20 styles with 5 different frame shapes, pick one fits you!

【Blue Block Series】

eGG presents – Blue Block Series!


Digital gadgets have become such an obsession. Exclusive for computer screens, blue block glasses release you from the irritation brought by the blue light glare from display screens.

The lenses come in plain glasses and are good for both cosmetic and prescription wearers.